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Are you looking for an affordable, yet durable LED Light Bar?

We've been listening, we know what you want. A bright, long lasting, durable light bar that you can easily mount on anything without breaking the bank.


     Why Choose OPT7 C2 Series LED Bars?

More Light, More Range

  • Advanced Bright™ Technology integrated into our Cree LEDs maximizes clarity in the light
  • Lower temperature allows our LEDs to run cooler and brighter
  • Dual beam pattern achieves light coverage [30° Spot/60° Flood]

For Most For Most Game Fish and Locations

Bright where you need it

Maximizes Heatsink

with Ridges


  SPECIES: Bass and All Fresh Water

Random Bass Facts:

  • Cold Blooded
    Their metabolism is controlled by water temperature. Bass are most active between 60-75 degrees

  • Schooling Fish
    If you catch a bass, you're likely to catch another in the same area

  • Bass are Predators
    But they don't hunt prey, instead they prefer to lie in wait for unsuspecting victims to happen by
    • Casting accuracy is vital to success


  TECHNIQUE: Casting
    "The only problem I have with the underhand cast is that in order to be efficient and proficient at this cast, you have to practice... practice.. practice."
                                                            -- Jimmy Houston

    Types of Casts

    • Overhand
    • Sidearm
    • Underhand 
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